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There's a rhythm coming through



There’s a rhythm coming through

Its showing us there’s something new

Beyond our busy expectations

Multi-media fabrications

And collective lamentations

Awakening a different dance

Beyond the “me good - you bad” stance

Groups and nations competition

Of domination and submission

Arguing each the others version

Calling it a damn perversion

Of what is right and what is wrong

And to whom truth and land and God belong

Claims of special entitlement

Guised as rational argument

Or as rules and laws of God or man

Pointing to a larger plan

That gives some power over others

Like birthrights of the older brothers


This alienation seems to start

When we learn - head must rule heart

And every other body part

We scorn our instincts, intuition

Standardizing all tuition

Always dashin, following fashion,

Stalking status, choking passion

The rush for bigger and for faster

In our push to grow and master

Has only lead to a disaster

Bulldozing all that’s in our way

We’ve lost the caring, lost the play


We’ve learned to live from fear and power and greed

Within paradigms of control that seed

Alienation, contempt, distrust

Reducing sex to soulless lust

That must be managed and controlled

Or flaunted, hidden, even sold

Slick and skilful manipulation

Splitting wealth and deprivation


The pecking order shifts a little

Cracking structures that are brittle

But still entrenched in judging rank

We get caught in our mind’s own prank,

And decide we too can use and rule

The planet as our senseless fool

After all its there for us

As the intelligent beings here – what’s the fuss?


But not so fast we’re here and learning

It’s not that simple - tides are turning

Stomachs churning, cities burning

Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes looming

Mining all earth's gifts is booming

Social structures come undone

Manipulators on the run

Bursting economic bubbles

Dictators leaving states in rubbles

Terror lurking round each corner

Paranoia of the foreigner

Symptoms of our desperation

Building walls of separation


But that’s the point we soon will see

Can’t really separate you and me

We’re bound as one in destiny

We may not like it – “What to do?

”Science is showing what the ancients knew

Time and space are wondrous carriers

Of waves and particles that have no barriers

Nor do poverty or pollution

Information or revolution

Love, air, water, fire and earth

Enliven every being's birth

Humans, animals, plants and minerals

Made all of the same materials

Working in a mysterious way

Articulating night and day

And we are given a humble part

Of the magnificent creative art

So let’s not get beyond ourselves

Starbeings, angels, fairies, elves

Are also present in the story

For which humans want to take the glory

Seems we’re here to learn humility

Be more conscious of our fragility

Relinquish arrogance and delusion

That breeds fear, envy and confusion

And pushes us to desecrate

Each other and the earth with greed and hate


Now it’s time for us to wonder

How to heal that which we’ve torn asunder

Rank and status of below-above

Makes it hard to find the love

That’s there when head from lofty place

Aligns with heart and body's grace

We witness then in newfound seeing

The universe as a conscious being

That’s the rhythm coming through

Its showing us there’s something new

With its beat we can step aside

Follow nature as our guide

Feeling deeply into sound

Listening to the pulsing ground

Potent meetings beyond reason

Planting fruits for every season

It’s different when we recognize

There no hierarchy of shape or size

Or color, texture, taste or prism

In our holographic organism

In each other we’re reflected

Yes, it seems we’re all connected

We’ll see this when we shift our stance

And open to the cosmic dance

Of loveful, curious resonance

With consciousnesses beyond our own

That’s the place that we’ll be shown

It’s the rhythm coming through

Listen and it will dance through you

From "IS", Shelley Ostroff, (2014)

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