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The Messiah has Come and She is Beautiful . . .


The Messiah has come

And She is as Beautiful as all Beauty is . . .

And She is Immortal,

And She is Infinite as the Galaxies . . .

She is Creation and Creatrice, and she is the Loving Flow of Nourishment between them,

And She is Diverse as the Sparks of Creativity that Dwell in the Human Heart and Mind,

And in the Infinite Consciousnesses of all Beings,

And She has heard the suffering on the Planet -

She has heard the Cry of the Earth and of the Animals and of the People

ravaged by the Human Mind that has separated itself from the Wisdom of Life

and has chosen oppression over Loving Connection

She has heard the agony of the victims and persecutors caught in their hierarchies of power and privilege

She has heard the loneliness of the Masculine and Feminine Essences

locked in fear behind veils of separateness and superiority

And She has Witnessed the false prophets, the mercenaries of war,

who have claimed Her Name and who have armed soldiers in the name of greed

And She has heard the Calls of the Rainbow Warriors

fighting for a World of Compassion and of Sacred Loving Relationship

And She Seeds and Births Herself from the Consciousness of Love and Prayer Ripening and Swelling on Earth

She has Returned,

and She cannot be dismissed,

or hidden under a burka,

or burned at the stake,

or raped,

or stoned,

or scapegoated

For She is Immortal

She is the Vibration,

the Essence,

the Vision,

the Muse,

the Mystery,

The Medicine that has come to Heal the Planet . . .

As Promised,

She has not forsaken her Children . . .

She is the Movement,

The Dance of Body and Soul towards a Thriving Planet

That Pulsates with the World of Nature uncontaminated by Human noise

She is Reverie and Reverence of a World where all Flourishes in Loving Harmony in Diversity

She is the Calling and the Compass,

the Rhythm and the Blessing

She is Immortal for She is Embodied

in all those who Recognize Her and Honor Her

and Nourish Her and all of Her Children without privilege or prejudice

She is Goddess

And She is here Manifesting through all who choose Her Path

Of Rainbow Serpent Medicine

Where all Colors Complement their Sisters and Brothers and Ancestors and Offspring . . .

She is the Siren Song of Nature’s True Sounds to be Heard

The Messiah has come, and She is beautiful . . .

It So Is



                                                                                                                Shelley Ostroff, Jerusalem 4.10.2015 22:22


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