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Riders Of The Tide



Beyond the night time, light time, right time

Riders of the tide

We glide

Into dark and gritty edges

Alchemies of the hour of Source


Mystery moves between the meetings

Shakes the order

Shifts the shore

Sips the potion

Maps the motion

Soft devotion

Spinning more

Rapping clapping, spilling, milling

Swiveling dreamers dance their core


Try the thought on inside out

Tweak the portal

Pass the gate

Feel it, breathe it, crawl it, fly it

Take the leap of faith in fate

Usher in your faithful shadow

Greet its face and meet its grace

Breathing through the knotted lace

Splash the murky mirrors fusion

Glance at truth beyond illusion

Can you gaze there one more moment?

Can you stay there one more breath?

Can you shed and face mortality?

Shifting shape with your totality?


Hollow, hallow, holy, heal

Dreaming into what is real

Hear, heart, heat, beat

Shedding layers, dancing feet

Hear, art, heat, feet

Shedding fears so hearts can meet


Grainy visions

Grimy missions

Go back to your intuitions

Instincts waken open doors

Singing life into the pores

Making love not fighting wars


Meeting me in meeting you

Shedding all that isn’t true

Snap and crackle pop the plastic

Armor of the life made static

Breathe the elements ecstatic

Fluid, fiery, free force magic

Make it wake it, don’t forsake it

Shake the order

Shift the shore

Slip the potion

Map the motion

Soft devotion

Spinning more


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