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For the Animals, for the Planet, for Humanity


The Climate Petition Partners are leaders of communities  and organizations who recognize the importance of effectively addressing the issue of animal agriculture on climate change at the Paris Climate Summit in November. The Climate Petition Partners endorse this petition and advocate for it within their communities. We look forward to adding your voice to the Climate Petition Partners on behalf of the animals and the planet.   (To Become a partner - please click here) 

2015 UN Climate Conference must address the impact of animal agriculture on climate change

Will Tuttle
United Front 4 Animals
Poster Gallery

Will Tuttle

"Animal agriculture is undeniably the most significant contributor to climate destabilization, and we are called to address it effectively in the upcoming UN Climate Conference. 

"I believe the essential steps to take are to reduce the demand for meat, dairy products, and eggs by mobilizing large-scale education campaigns, encouraging people worldwide to shift toward more sustainable plant-based ways of eating.  Animal foods should no longer be subsidized directly and indirectly, but should be taxed as alcohol and cigarettes are because of their demonstrated detrimental effect on public health and our environment, and also because of the abuse of both animals and humans required by animal agriculture."

Founder: Nikki Elliott



"United Front 4 Animals has joined the Climate Petition Partnership, led by Ubuntu 4 Animals, petitioning world leaders to address the severe impact of animal agriculture on global warming without delay.  Global leaders are duty bound to take the burden of their responsibility seriously and to use all scientific evidence at their disposal to protect our planet.


Other than the unconscionable cruelty inherent in animal agriculture - which undermines the moral fabric of society – this industry is the biggest threat to irreparable global warming.  


Although the need to urgently develop mitigating policies to avert the looming catastrophe of human-induced global warming has long been acknowledged, all the major reasons for climate change have not. Comprehensive measures cannot be developed unless the effects of animal agriculture and its by-products (including the 51% greenhouse gas emissions), are dealt with.


“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” (Aldous Huxley), and the evacuation of humankind to another planet is not possible."

Co-founder: Idit Romano

"Albert Einstein said and was right: “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution

to a vegetarian diet." 

Already in 2006, a United Nations report claimed that the animal agriculture industry is directly responsible for human hunger and poverty.


Millions of acres of land across the world are used for growing animal feed (especially corn and soya) rather than for cultivating agricultural produce that will feed humans. This practice is depleting the rain forests and causing extinction of animals by taking/stealing from them their natural homes. It is destroying the critical ecological balance in a way that is fatal for future generations.


Mahatma Gandhi said the — 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I call on the leaders of the 2015 Climate Summit, to fully address the serious ecological, moral and health consequences of animal agriculture and lead us towards a healthy and compassionate future for all."

Patron: Bishop Geoff Davies,

The Green Bishop

"It is essential that we cut down our greenhouse gas emissions. COP21 in Paris in December 2015 must be a deciding event that drives us to seek more sustainable lifestyles. But it is not only a matter of reducing the burning of fossil fuels. Many people don’t know that the fast food industry with its stall fed, factory farmed animals is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions. Ending this iniquitous treatment of animals will not only enable us to treat animals with greater respect and love, but will also reduce greenhouse gas emission dramatically.


But why does it happen? The bottom line is that we are driven by profit margins. Because we allow our financial interests to dominate, we resort to all sorts of practices which inflict pain, suffering and cruelty on fellow creatures. We have to start treating our fellow creatures with greater respect, compassion and love even if it costs more. This applies across the board, whether it is the way we treat poultry, pigs, cattle or the way we ‘mine the oceans for fish. ’May Paris help usher in a new era for greater justice for the planet and all its creatures."

Freedom Farm Sanctuary

Compassion In World

Farming  - South Africa

SA. Director: Louise van der Merwe

"For as long as we brutalise animals, we will never find peace.  For as long as we brutalise animals, there will be a price to pay – whether it is the price of stifling heat, searing thirst or devastating floods.


Please may this conference on Climate Change formally acknowledge that industrialised animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change in the world today and that we can no longer indulge our greed for profit and our appetite for meat.  The price we will ultimately pay if we continue our callous disregard for animal suffering, is too ghastly to contemplate. "

ciwf sa

Co-founder and Director:

Janice Cox

World Animal Net

"It is essential that the 2015 Paris Climate Conference addresses the ‘elephant in the room’ – animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is a major driver of climate change.  Unless decisive steps are taken to tackle the global demand for meat and dairy products, the conference will fail in its aims and its moral duty to protect our planet.


See World Animal Net’s blog on this subject, and our suggestions for action:"

Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance

 Chair: Tozie Zokufa

"African voices are asking world leaders and high-level panelists to include the impact of animal agriculture during the climate negotiations.  The animal agriculture sector is a key contributor to climate change, land use changes, water pollution and water use.  Cutting down on meat, egg, & dairy consumption can mitigate our environmental impact, whilst safeguarding

our health."

world animal net

Chief Operating Officer:

Edveeje Fairchild


“TreeSisters is a growing global network of tens of thousands of women who understand the interconnectedness of the web of life.  While our work in climate change focuses on the reforestation of the Tropics within ten years through women’s nature-based feminine leadership, we recognize everything is connected and interdependent.


One of the major causes of deforestation is directly linked to the abuse and unsustainability of modern animal agriculture.  All of life is interconnected, so we can’t talk about reforestation without talking about animal agriculture. And so TreeSisters is in full support of this critical petition and we have invited our network to step forward on behalf of the Feminine Principle that is emerging across and through the planet right now.”



Campaigns Manager and Deputy Director: Justin Kerswell

"Viva! wholeheartedly supports this initiative to bring global animal agriculture to the forefront of discussions at the 2015 UN Climate Conference. Meat, dairy and egg production are not only bad for the billions of animals killed each year, it is literally destroying the very world we live in. Profit must take a back seat to protecting our future and ending suffering on an unimaginable scale.


Great environmental catastrophes continue unabated across the globe with little more than lip service from the Government and International Organisations.  It sometime feels that there is little one person can do to make a difference but it simply isn't so. You can contribute by signing the climate petition and by a change of diet.  Find out how easy it is to go vegan – or to move in that direction at"

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