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For the Animals, for the Planet, for Humanity

In November 2013 Ubuntu 4 Animals initiated an AVAAZ petition to Pope Francis appealing to him to do all in his power to protect animals from human abuse.  A month later, the petition had 10800 signatures.  “The State of Humanity, December 2013 – A Petition to Pope Francis” was created on the basis of the document sent to Pope Francis and carries our prayers for the animals, for the planet and for humanity.


After almost two years, we are thrilled that Pope Francis has finally received our petition.  We are deeply grateful to Molly Maria Hamilton Baillie for hand delivering the appeals to Pope Francis in a personal audience with him.

Early 2014 we created a campaign to gather prayers, blessings and quotes on behalf of the animals from around the world.  This book showcases the campaign and complements the petition document to Pope Francis.  The book is available to view online and our hope is that it will continue to inspire love, compassion, advocacy and action.

Ubuntu 4 Animals has dedicated this document to Linda Tucker and the Global White Lion Protection Trust in honor of their crucial contribution to all life on the planet. The updated version of the document includes a letter from Linda Tucker to President Zuma, dated March 1,2014, appealing to him to

1. Declare an immediate prohibition on captive breeding and captive killing of lions (“Canned Hunting”) by Presidential Decree.

2. Declare White Lions a ‘Protected Animal’ by Presidential Decree.

Add Your Voice for the Animals Facebook Page

To support the petition Ubuntu 4 Animals created a Facebook Page: Add Your Voice for the Animals that now has over 20000 members. We have used the page for numerous campaigns on behalf of the animals as well as to express gratitude to Pope Francis for his advocacy on behalf of the animals in his Encyclical, Si Laudato published in July this year. 

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