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For the Animals, for the Planet, for Humanity

Shelley Ostroff


Kelly Schlesinger

Ubuntu 4 Animals is dedicated to the legal, religious and cultural protection of animals from human abuse.  Ubuntu 4 Animals came into being in November 2013 with our first project, an AVAAZ petition to Pope Francis calling on him to use his role to protect animals from human abuse.


We exist because the animals exist. Without them the planet would not yield the rich plant diversity that sustains the entire fabric of the eco-system. With each species that becomes extinct we lose a spectrum of essential subtle qualities and vibrations that contribute to planetary existence and that human beings are still unable to discern. Animals are intelligent and sentient in ways that humans cannot grasp from our own limited, human-centered perception. We owe the animals our gratitude, humility, kindness and protection.


Ubuntu 4 Animals is currently working together with ITSOIS to develop and make available materials contributing to the emerging paradigm that puts the planet and all its inhabitants first.

Dawn Macfarlane

A huge thank you to all those who have given in many different ways to Ubuntu 4 Animals.  We could not do this without you.


Ruth Allen

Mark Allen

Lauren Benatar

Shubham Bhoir

Dave Bowman

Mike Brett

Hannon Brett 

Bishop Geoff Davies

Maurice Fernandez

Ela Gandhi

Rut Gecele

Neta Gueta

Molly Maria Hamilton-Baillie

Avner Haramati

Ian Macfarlane

Ilana Meallem

Oded Maimon

Micol Perasti

Debbie Pryor

Natalie Saunders

Peter Schlesinger

Chris Tokalon

Linda Tucker

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Reverend Mpho Tutu


Special thanks to Ian Macfarlane for your pivotal role in supporting our petition to Pope Francis and the Global March for the Lions. Special thanks also to Natalie Saunders and Dave Bowman for gifting us with our poignant logo, and for the graphics and technology of our original website. Your work is part of our dna and we are deeply grateful for that and for your continued  support.

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