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G R O W T H    E C O N O M Y

Money goes to elite









Monopolies hogging wealth








chemical contaminants that poison life








Manipulation, indoctrination

and misinformation







standardize value through branding

creating competition and envy







deplete energy resources of planet








educate for standardization of knowledge

and ambition for self







exploitation of people regardless of  value of

product or service.







cultivate conflict fear and war and are often

based on military and security industries and mindsets







peddle in toxic products often disguised as

necessities for health and well-being







encourage dependence on profit linked

chemical  industries that both

create and “treat” disease.






plundering and poisoning the land








create social conflict by huge gaps 

between rich and poor

H E A L T H Y   E C O N O M Y

money goes to all









Thriving local industry








industries that enhance life








Accurate and honest information








encourage diversity with collective

accountability and recognize complementarity







replenish and nourish resources of planet.








educate for and honor diversity and creativity

in service of all







accurate and fair value exchange for

products and services.







cultivate local businesses and mindset of healthy

interdependent communities and peaceful opportunities







based on industries that actively contribute to

the wellness of people and planet.







proactively invests in health and preventing

disease and treating disease in integrative

ways that are aligned with nature.






invest in the vitality and replenishment of the land.








Healthy economies  - cultivate financially

healthy communities 

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Old V new  paradigm
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