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enable the abuse, plundering and killing of animals, people and planet



are defined by the privileged for the

benefit of the privileged



limit freedom of individuals to manifest their innate life enhancing potential


are couched in complex legal language, avoid transparency, mislead or enable manipulation for the benefit of some


oppress activists working for justice and a healthy planet that are not using violent means.


limit access to learning



oppress anyone on the basis of age, gender, faith, race, sexuality or nationality



abuse power at the expense of humans, animals or the rest of the natural world



allow governments, science or industry to endanger the intricate balance of our shared eco-system

including space and the solar system.



facilitate dishonesty and manipulation in ideological or commercial engagement

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protect humans, animals and the planet from abuse and exploitation



Defined by fair and just



insist on honesty and transparency in all commercial, educational, legal and political transactions



support the investment in enterprises that put the planet and all its inhabitants first and the disinvestment from enterprises that threaten the planet and its inhabitants.


redefine legitimate ownership of money and land, and organize to redistribute land and wealth according to its most accurate usage for the planet and all its inhabitants.


are accessible and understandable to the lay citizen who does not have a sophisticated legal background.



enable global citizens to engage on and influence issues from human and animal rights to the use of planetary resources that affect the planet as a whole.



insist on the integration of heart wisdom, kindness and individual and collective health and vitality into a legal decision making processes


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