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Putting the Planet and all its inhabitants first!



The entire planet functions as an inter-connected eco-system.


The planetary eco-system needs the flourishing and integrity of each species in its precise location no less than the species itself needs the precise conditions in which to thrive.  In the same way that it is essential for all unique parts of a human body to exist in their integrity and accurate location, it is equally essential that all species are able to thrive in their integrity and accurate ratio among other species within their indigenous environments.  This is in order for them to be able to accurately, receive, metabolize and transmit information on behalf of the entire system from the prism of their unique function and location. The entire eco-system needs the communication pathways to be clear and healthy so that it can align with pristine life energy and the code of accurate mutual nourishment among the parts and the whole that has taken billions of years to evolve.

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The paradigm of interconnectedness -

Change the Mindset, change the World


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