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Putting the Planet and all its Inhabitants First!

The purpose of education for the 21st century: to offer all children (without privilege or prejudice) learning experiences that cultivate individual, community and planetary health and vitality.


The social consequences of our education system cannot change unless we transform its fundamental purpose and replace it with a far more integrative purpose.  In  a context of increasingly severe damage to the planetary eco-system and to the health, vitality and life of all species the purpose of education must be defined in a way that addresses our shared challenge and destiny. This means that health, vitality, community and environmental studies need to be at the core of the educational agenda. It is more essential than ever that we learn to cultivate the harmony and integration of love and information, life wisdom and knowledge.




A poster gallery of quotes about health.


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A gallery of insightful and humorous social commentary about the mainstream education taken from social media and shared on our Just Sayin' page  together with posters about others sectors of society.

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