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Putting the Planet and all its Inhabitants first

Lion and Lioness Leadership


When we attend to the vibrational essence of the lions we can learn much about why they have throughout time been recognized mythologically and intuitively  as the true majesty and leadership of the  animal kingdom.


The lions and lionesses hold the most integrative and evolved forms of consciousness of land animals on the planet. As apex predators, they have internalised and metabolised all other aspects of creation into their internal physiological environment. They have evolved a harmonious, energetic structure where each part of the holographic fabric of life has its  accurate place in the microcosmic holographic internal environment of the lion and lioness. Visibly, their golden or white golden fur reflects and embodies this integrative, radiant vibration.


As apex predators they do not abuse their power or position. Instead they cultivate on a very sophisticated and intricate level the energetic blueprint of mutual nourishment and radiant harmony in diversity. Unlike many human predator leaders, they do not take more than what they need, and when they thrive, other animals thrive and the entire eco-system thrives. Healing and replenishing the planet requires first and foremost restoring the lions and lionesses to freedom in their natural habitats so that they are able to lead the vibrational accuracy of our interconnected eco-system.





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