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A new organizing system for local and global health and vitality

Humanity has the capacity to achieve extraordinary feats. Our creative energy follows the visions we hold and the challenges they pose.


We can manifest a healthy, vibrant planet for all when we  focus on a shared vision and bring our complementary resources to answering the following questions:

1. How do we heal what we have damaged, replenish the environment and ensure the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants?

2. How do we transition from current political, economic, and ideological systems that are endangering life to organizing systems that cultivate Life?

3. What would the optimal organizing structures and processes be for humans to live in health and harmony with each other and other species? 

Together in Creation works to contribute to the diverse global grassroots movements working for the benefit all.

In order to move forward it is important to understand what we must leave behind.


De-constructing democracy is an analysis of why democracy  cannot be a healthy organizing system and will inevitably bring about division and disease given that it is paradigm that goes against the principles of life.

Co-creating  Eco-Governance


We need an entirely new form of organizing based on a paradigm rooted in life wisdom. Together in Creation offers an evolving integrative framework for a global eco-governance system that puts the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants as the core purpose and organizing principle.


The framework is based on a holistic approach that applies the reality of our ecological interconnectedness to our organizing structures and processes. It offers a  a new narrative and language based on the wisdom of living systems as well as pragmatic pathways for co-creating a healthy and vital future for all. It is inspired by diverse individuals and groups working to the same purpose.

outlines a pathway for bringing together and managing collective wisdom, creativity and resources from across the globe for the benefit of all. It articulates the principles and process through which a global web of integrity can self-organize into a healthy form of self-organizing eco-governance organized around 

Together in Creation

Our current governing systems are based on a mindset of separateness, domination, hierarchy and exploitation that go against life and are causing the crises we face. 


We cannot solve the crises from within the same systems. We need an entirely new system and a realistic process for transitioning from our current mindset and structures to an entirely new framework for organizing human activity in ways that are aligned with life.

We are all interconnected. The planet functions as a living, breathing system. To cultivate Life we have to learn from Life and align our behavior with Life.


Holistic Organizing Systems


Eco Community Organizing

Global Eco Community Organizing Systems


HOLOS are Holistic Organizing Systems grounded in in life-based systemic wisdom. The Holos system replaces our conventional understanding of governance and its structures.

Holistic Eco-Community Organizing is an organizing system based on the wisdom of nature that can replace current governance systems. It offers a structure and process for organizing human systems in ways that ensure



it organizes itself according to the fundamental organizing principle of life: The Principle of Accurate Mutual Nourishment Among all Diverse Parts of our Interconnected Whole.






Holistic healing and nourishing wisdom from diverse cultures and disciplines

dedicated to the health and vitality of living systems.

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