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For a Healthy Country

A Unifying Movement for the Health and Vitality of the Country and all its Inhabitants


For a Healthy Country is a citizen led movement dedicated to the health and vitality of Israel and all her Inhabitants. The movement works to transform the political system by putting the health of the whole at the heart of the public agenda.

For all of us, health is our most important resource. Despite this, health is the primary casualty of the current political system.  Profit driven politics works to accumulate power by oppression, privilege and systemic corruption.  In doing so, it generates a culture of selfishness, divisiveness and fear which in turn threatens the security and health of the whole.


The key to whole-system healing lies in transforming the thought patterns that fuel the system.


Positioning whole-system health at the heart of the public agenda brings a new language and path forward that circumvents the struggle with the existing establishment.  It creates an alternative focus that unites all of us around our most fundamental needs and wishes. The health of the individual depends on the health of other people, other species and of the land itself. We can only be safe and thrive when the whole system is healthy. The focus on whole-system health emphasizes the interdependence that is at the root of our existence.


Public discourse focused on health encourages citizens to lead the public agenda and offer creative solutions for the healing of the system and the removal of corruption. The whole-system health focused agenda replaces the old political discourse where politicians control the public and media with manipulated facts and the psychology of fear, divisiveness, meaningless slogans, empty promises and a culture of bullying.

Our immediate goal: to promote the collective understanding that the only legitimate purpose of government is cultivating the health of the land and all its inhabitants for generations to come, and to ensure that the next elections will by leaders of courage, compassion and expertise dedicated to this goal.

The movement works through numerous channels in order to raise public consciousness about the vast damage of the current system to human and environmental health. It encourages citizens to demand systemic health as a basic right and offers pathways for managing our human and financial resources in a responsible way in order to ensure health and abundance for all.

A political agenda that focuses on whole-system health means insisting that all governance policy be evaluated first and foremost on the basis of its far-reaching consequences to the health of the whole. It means holding all leaders directly accountable for the consequences of their policies and actions. 


In advance of the coming elections, the movement will promote a public debate where all candidates will be asked to present their stance and solutions about the question “What are the consequences of your policies on our health and the health of the country now and in the future?”

The movement will encourage a citizen initiative to build an alternative state budget that will show how with creative system thinking it is possible to achieve maximum potential for the good of the whole.

The movement works to create a broad consensus platform that outlines a range of whole-system health oriented policies in different spheres of life to be adopted by any government elected.

A leader’s endorsement of this platform prior to the elections will draw a clear line between those leaders invested in self-interest and those committed to true stewardship of the land and all its inhabitants.


The movement will create a vibrant online community platform that will enable citizens, leaders and candidates from all groups and sectors to offer their resources for the good of the whole.


The intention is that the focus on health will catalyze a new public discourse for the co-creation of a healthy country and new leadership, and will expose the range of creative solutions to the complex of crises we currently face. This simple shift in public focus disrupts the status quo and triggers organic transformation of the economy and other social systems that must be adapt themselves to the new priorities


Investing in HEALTH as a whole is ultimately the wisest investment in addressing the multiple crises Israel now faces and ultimately in contributing to healing the world.

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