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Itsois: together in creation is dedicated to contributing to  global health and vitality  by articulating innovative healing pathways for a flourishing planet.  It works towards shifting leadership, governance and other social  systems from those based on paradigms of separateness, control and privilege to those based on a healing framework aligned with nature's wisdom.


Itsois works together with Ubuntu 4 Animals to promote the practice of integrity of body, soul, community,  planet and beyond and to protect animals from suffering caused by humans.




Shelley Ostroff


Distressed by the suffering humans are causing to each other, animals and the planet, I have spent many years learning about integrative pathways for local and global health and vitality. After exploring processes that impact individual and system vitality,  I developed a holographic approach that draws on a broad range of experience in different countries and traditions.   The holographic approach addresses some of the damaging consequences of assumptions that currently drive social organization.  It integrates insight   from complementary disciplines and offers conceptual and practical frameworks for nourishing vitality of people and planet.


The approach has been cultivated over more than 25 years working with leadership and people from all walks of life from different sectors of society and across continents  as a therapist, consultant, teacher,  and creative partner in cultivating individual and systemic wellness in groups, organizations and communities.


ITSOIS: in creation together, birthed in January 2014, is a platform that brings together diverse content from my personal and professional journey to contribute to the  new paradigm emerging on the planet at this time.  I am profoundly grateful to Kelly Schlesinger for joining me as  a partner in ITSOIS. Kelly brings to ITSOIS an extraordinary palette of skills, vibrant creativity and exquisite devotion to planetary healing and she is a key part of every project from its inception to the final stages. None of this could be done without her.


In April 2016 Amit Yatuv Lerner joined the ITSOIS team bringing with her a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion to contribute to global healing processes.


Kelly Schlesinger


Graphic artist / musician / Animal activist - in short thats where my work and passion lie. After studying art and design, I ran a design studio for a few years, then gave it all up to be a musician. I co-led a drumming company for 11 years, doing corporate team building and events after which I headed back to technology and opened a business in a virtual world called Second Life. During all this I have been actively involved in dog rescue and rehabilitation. 


I am an animal activist to my core,  but always felt my attempts to transform how people percieve things, to be fruitless.  Now I can see, the energetic resonace of the guided work I am doing has an impact far greater than I could ever have hoped. Its not "what" goes out there, its the energy attached to it, that allows it to spread and impact. I witness this with every project.


I bring a range of creative and technological skills to my work with ITSOIS in supporting the production of the range of materials Shelley has developed over many years. Late 2012 began the perfect storm of what seemed to be random incidents that brought me to start my spiritual, emotional and technological journey.

Amit Yatuv Lerner


In my initial career as an economist in the Ministry of Finance in Israel, I saw the failures of the current destructive economic system. I began to look for other pathways that can enable the development and thriving of all life.


I have since worked in the social arena, promoting employment and entrepreneurship among women, young people and vulnerable populations and developed leadership programs, managed projects and worked on building communities.


Following the social protests in Israel, I initiated a leadership course for activists and co-created an innovative bachelor's degree program in education and social business management. In recent years I became particularly interested in social technology  as a tool for promoting participatory leadership and community-building. I am passionate about connecting change-makers to each other and to existing resources in ways that can amplify their life enhancing work.

Working with Itsois-Together in Creation, I am excited to contribute to creating a global social network for the healing and thriving of the planet and all its inhabitants - a network based on a profound understanding of interconnectedness and the health and vitality of living systems.


Practicing integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond ...

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