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A collection of writings about current issues.

A radical, prophetic vision that reveals a profoundly challenging perspective of human consciousness and its evolution.

One simple organizing principle that can change the world:

Applying the reality of our ecological inter-dependence

to our local and global governing systems




Ubuntu 4 Animals is a platform dedicated to the  protection of animals. It works together with Itsois to develop and promote materials for the healing and replenishment of the  planet and all its inhabitants.

Applying the reality of our ecological interdependence to our local and global governing systems. Specific attention is paid to the areas of law, health, economy, media and spirituality and consciousness.


Written in the form of an unusual epic poem, “IS” takes us on a mythical journey through the intrigues of the relationship between the masculine and feminine essences and calls into question many familiar assumptions of current consciousness

A collection of art and posters with inspiring quotes and images based on the written material from ITSOIS and from Ubuntu 4 Animal's campaigns.


A collection of the books, poems and documents written by Shelley Ostroff and developed by ITSOIS and Ubuntu 4 Animals.



There’s a rhythm coming through


There’s a rhythm coming through

Its showing us there’s something new

Beyond our busy expectations

Multi-media fabrications

And collective lamentations

Awakening a different dance

Beyond the “me good - you bad” stance

Groups and nations competition

Of domination and submission

Arguing each other's version

Calling it a damn perversion

Of what is right and what is wrong

And to whom truth and land and God belong

Claims of special entitlement

Guised as rational argument

Or as rules and laws of God or man

Pointing to a larger plan

That gives some power over others

Like birthrights of the older brothers

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Humanity is in the process of shifting from a mindset of separateness and domination to one of interconnectedness and mutual nourishment and accountability.

A Concise History of Now ... As Shared by the Facebook Nation.  A collection of insightful, social commentary in the form of humorous quotes and cartoons.


Uniting for the Love of Animals and the Planet - The Climate Petition Partnership

2015 UN Climate Conference must address the impact of animal agriculture on climate change.

The Climate Petition Partners are leaders of communities and organizations ...


Practicing integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond ...

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