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Accurate pathways


Nature and consciousness


Information exchange


Dynamic surroundings.


Conflicting messages







1.  In order for vitality to flourish, it is essential to reconnect

the accurate pathways between essence and form.


2.  For essence and form to be synchronized so that nature and

consciousness can manifest optimally together,


all parts of an organism must be fully differentiated

from the other parts.


3.  The parts must be in accurate information exchange for

their mutual nourishment.


4.  All parts and the whole must be in mutually enriching resonance and

adaptation with each other and the dynamic surroundings.


5.  When energy is ambivalent or there is a split between desires, or between

thoughts and feelings, or between seemingly conflicting messages,

there is a depletion of energy.


6.  In order for energy to maximize its accurate life enhancing flow,

it must have an unambivalent, and accurate medium

for nurturing of all parts of the system.




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